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As Easter approaches, some readers of this blog might have questions regarding the resurrection event that Christians celebrate in a special way on Easter Sunday -- the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

To anyone reading, please be encouraged to use this thread to discuss whatever is on your mind regarding the resurrection of Jesus.

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easterpeople said...

Last week, I went out with a friend with a video camera to do a ‘word on the street: resurrection day edition’. We went to the GVSU campus, the street corners of downtown Grand Rapids, and then I came back a interviewed some students at the Cornerstone Undergrad (in the Student center where the little cafe is). These are the questions I asked:

Are you a Christian?
Can you explain what the message of the gospel is?
What is the greatest hope for the Christian?
Why do Christians celebrate easter?
What does the word ‘resurrection’ mean?

Most of the people responded that they were a Christian. But, the concerns I had going into these interviews have been confirmed. Except for a couple students at cornerstone (one being a bible major), none of the other people interviewed included the resurrection as part of the gospel message and no one (except the bible major) mentioned the resurrection as the greatest hope for the Christian. It wasn’t until I mentioned Easter that people talked about Jesus being raised from the dead and even then they didn’t make the connection between him being raised and our bodily resurrection.
What this tells me is that the resurrection is not being preached very often as part of the gospel; it is being seen as the message that comes “after” the gospel. Most people explained the gospel as just Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. This also tells me that the resurrection is not being taught well. I recieved a lot of mixed views from Christians as to what the resurrection actually is.
This also relates to the post I wrote before doing these interviews, which can be read here:

Endnote: I will be using the video interviews as the introduction to a message I have been invited to give at the church where I am a member (Berean Baptist Church). The message will be titled “Who are the Easter People?”
Also a discussion about the resurrection being a essential component for our salvation is at my prof and friend's site: